ITB Electric Bicycle Team Introduces Electric Bicycle Innovations Developed by ITB and Polygon

The ITB Electric Bicycle Team had the opportunity to introduce innovative electric bicycle products to Dr. Ir. Pramono Anung Wibowo, M.M., Indonesian Cabinet Secretary. The team was received as guests at the Office of the Indonesian Cabinet Secretary, Wednesday, 19 October 2022.

The electric bicycle is a form of industrial collaboration between the ITB Electric Bike Team and PT Insera Sena as the manufacturer of the Polygon bicycle brand. This product was a joined research, designed and produced by Polygon and ITB, which involved researchers from the Faculty of Art and Design (FSRD), the School of Electrical Engineering and Informatics (STEI), and the Faculty of Industrial Technology (FTI).

Acting as the principal researcher from STEI are Dr. Ir. Agus Purwadi, M.T.   from Power Engineering Research Group and Dr. Ir. Hilwadi Hindersah., from Control and Computer Systems Research Group, STEI ITB.

This innovation is part of the commitment of PT Insera Sena (Polygon) together with ITB to build green facilities as an environmentally friendly transportation solution. This innovation is realized through the ‘Prototype in Campus eBike ITB’, which also supports the Green Campus Transportation System program with an environmentally friendly ecosystem.

The electric bicycle will also support the G20 Summit in Bali next November, along with another Polygon G20-edition electric bicycle.