Prof. Suwarno Named as Stanford University’s World Top 2% Scientist 2022

One of the prestigious universities in America, Stanford University, lists the name of Prof. Dr. Suwarno, M.T., as the Top 2% of Best Scientist on The World’s Top Scientist list for 2022.

STEI congratulates and respects Prof. Suwarno for this proud achievement.

Prof. Dr. Suwarno, M.T., is a Professor of Power Engineering Research Group who started his career in ITB since the 90s. He completed his undergraduate studies at ITB in 1988, then continued his master’s studies at ITB and graduated in 1991. After that, he took his doctorate degree at Nagoya University, Japan, in 1996.

Some of the research conducted by Prof. Suwarno included the High Voltage Polymer Insulators for the Tropics (2020), the Development of an Intelligent System for Assessing the Condition of Multi-Parameter High Voltage Transformers (2020), and the Multinational Program for Sustainable Energy Entrepreneurship and Development (SEED) (2020).

The World’s Top Scientist is a list of scientists published annually by Stanford University. Stanford’s published list is determined by the number of citations Professors have in various disciplines.