STEI ITB and Kennlines Capital Group Sign a Memorandum of Understanding after successfully developing a Safe Quantum Network in Indonesia, SpeQtral.  – SpeQtral, School of Electrical and Informatics Engineering, Bandung Institute of Technology (STEI-ITB) and Kennlines Capital Group, have officially signed a memorandum of understanding. Namely, to develop a  secured network through quantum technology in Indonesia.

This signing focuses on a commitment to raise awareness of the benefits of Quantum Communication Technology and telecommunications network security at large which begins with the 2020 Quantum Information Seminars & Workshop with the theme “The Megatrend of Quantum Information & Secured Communication”

The ceremony which was held at the Soesilo Soedarman Hall, Sapta Pesona Building, Thursday (20/2/2020) was attended by invited guests from government institutions, telecommunications and satellite-based companies. Also from banking and academics from several universities.

In addition to the signing of the memorandum of understanding, this activity was also collaborated with a discussion forum for Quantum Computing and Communication Experts and Government Officials presented in the form of seminars and workshops, in accordance with the basic modules of the Center for Quantum Technology by SpeQtral.

Meanwhile, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of SpeQtral, Chune Yang Lum said, Quantum Communication Technology has the power to transform the security of telecommunications networks around the world.

The new technology for Quantum Communication, namely Quantum Key Distribution (QKD), is the most secure method for distributing encryption keys as one of the most important essences in a secure communication process from eavesdroppers.

“SpeQtral highly welcomes the collaboration with ITB & Kennlines Capital Group and is optimistic to ensure that all communication data in Indonesia can be secured from the threat of future tapping,” said Chune Yang in a press conference session for the 2020 Quantum Information Seminars & Workshop, Thursday (20/2 / 2020).

Meanwhile, the Dean of STEI-ITB, Prof. Dwi H. Widyantoro added, QKD is a technology that is able to provide the best network security system in protecting data communications today.

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“QKD technology was created more than 30 years ago and has been tested by several universities and research laboratories in various countries so that it can be implemented in today’s practical system,” he said.

Dwi also shared the enthusiasm of the existing collaboration. He revealed that through this collaboration, ITB could play a role as a center for research and development of Quantum Technology in Indonesia and even Southeast Asia.

As the development of QKD technology continues throughout the world, Chairman of Kennlines Capital Group Mirza Whibowo Soenarto said that this technology has the potential to be applied in the government and defense sectors. Also telecommunications, network security, banking and enterprise systems.

“Indonesia needs a system that provides strong and tight network security. So that it can minimize losses caused by irresponsible parties and QKD is a solution to these problems, “he explained.

By taking advantage of SpeQtral’s reputation as one of the companies that excels in quantum technology research and satellite telecommunication technology, this collaboration aims to introduce these technologies widely. As well as raising awareness of the benefits of Quantum Communication Technology and the security of telecommunications networks in Indonesia.

Mirza added, the signing of this memorandum of understanding is expected to generate motivation for the academic community and Indonesian society in general. “Namely to contribute to the development of Quantum Communication in Indonesia,” he concluded.

The quantum technology itself is one of the latest technological innovations that combines the principles of quantum mechanics with the theory of information science.

The derivative of Quantum Technology itself, is divided into three areas. Namely Quantum Computing (Quantum Computing), Quantum Communications (Quantum Communications) and Quantum Sensing (Quantum Sensing).

Among the three fields, quantum communication is considered to be the most mature technology. Because it is one part of the field of quantum technology that leverages the property of photons to create a unique ability to detect eavesdroppers by leveraging quantum mechanical properties that broadly refer to the use of quantum channels for communication.

Most of the activities in the development of Quantum Communication are carried out by organizations outside the United States which are sponsored by the State. However, the development of this technology commercially is mostly carried out by companies or organizations through private funding sources as well as several large operators in the telecommunications and satellite fields. Based on research data from several independent organizations, the quantum communications market is expected to reach a value of US $ 5 billion in the next 5 years . (mdo via indopos)