Community Service from STEI through the P3MI Exhibition

In order to meet its target as a world-class research university, the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) continues to create innovations and improve its works in the fields of technology, art, science, and community service. To achieve all this, since 2007, ITB has launched the ITB Research, Community Service and Innovation Program (P3MI-ITB).

Located at the CRCS Building, Thursday (12/12/2019), ITB held a P3MI Poster and Product Exhibition. At the event, it featured various kinds of research and innovation products developed by various scientific groups. Innovations from the design, business, science and engineering sectors are here to meet the challenges of the times.

In this event, the launching of NIVA devices was also carried out by the Minister of Research and Technology who was accompanied by the Rector of ITB and the Board of Directors of SCNP. NIVA or Non Invasive Vascular Analyzer is a product of collaboration between the Biomedical Engineering Expertise Group of the School of Electrical and Informatics Engineering (STEI) ITB and PT. Selaras Citra Nusantara Perkasa (SCNP), chaired by Prof. Dr. Ir. Tati Latifah Erawati Rajab as the research team leader. The tool that functions as an early detection of cardiovascular disease is hoped to be able to solve health problems and help the BPJS program.

Some of the products displayed at STEI’s stand were Smart Edu, a smart device for educational purposes; Smart Card Technology; Materials and Practicum Tools for Screen Printing PCB Manufacturing for SMK students; and VRTino, a glaucoma early detection tool for the eye.

Besides containing product and innovation exhibitions, this event also held awards for outstanding lecturers in the fields of work, community service, cooperation, and innovation. The hope is that this award presentation can increase the enthusiasm for lecturers to continue working and innovating for Indonesia.