Informatics Engineering Undergraduate Study Program Gets 2.6 Billion Grants in the Program Kompetisi Kampus Merdeka

STEI’s Informatics Engineering Study Program was one of the winners of the Program Kompetisi Kampus Merdeka launched by the Minister of Education and Culture. The Study Program is entitled to a grant of 2.6 billion rupiah to fund activities in 2021, and can be extended for the next two years.

The expected outcome of the Program Kompetisi Kampus Merdeka is the ability to encourage innovation in the field of informatics that has an impact on the growth of the digital industry in Indonesia and provides research results that can solve real problems in society.

This activity is carried out with the aim of:

  1. Improve the ability of graduates to work/collaborate in a multidisciplinary environment and solve real problems in the wider community, industry, and science;
  2. Building multidisciplinary collaborations;
  3. Building a start-up business in the field of Informatics/Information Technology so that it becomes the engine of growth for this industry in Indonesia.


In its implementation, the STEI Informatics Study program collaborates with the Information Technology and Systems Study Program and in order to build multi-disciplinary collaboration. This program can be followed by various study programs from ITB and other universities.

According to the Director General of Higher Education of the Ministry of Education and Culture, Prof. Nizam, this competition is a form of acceleration of Kampus Merdeka, encouraging universities to innovate on the basis of study programs so that learning 4.0 or Kampus Merdeka is expected.

Program Kompetisi Kampus Merdeka aims to improve the quality of higher education by facilitating, encouraging, and accelerating higher education institutions to achieve their goals as reflected in the 8 (eight) Main Performance Indicators stipulated in the Decree of the Minister of Education and Culture Number 754/P/2020 concerning Higher Education Main Performance Indicators. State and Higher Education Service Institutions within the Ministry of Education and Culture in 2020.