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Himpunan Mahasiswa Elektroteknik ITB

HME ITB stands for ITB Electrical Engineering Student Association is a student organization that brings together undergraduate students majoring in ITB electrical engineering, ITB electric power engineering, and ITB biomedical engineering, as well as ITB telecommunication engineering students (only for 2014 and previous years). HME ITB was born on December 5, 1949 under the name ITB Electrical Student Association. The presence of HME ITB at that time was based on the hobby and desire of electrical engineering students to channel it and the practical electronics field.


Himpunan Mahasiswa Informatika ITB

HMIF ITB is a student organization that houses students of the Bachelor of Informatics Engineering and Information Systems & Technology study program Bandung Institute of Technology.

Mission Statement
We want to create a beneficiary ecosystem.
We believe that every member of HMIF has more potential to be able to share benefits. Therefore, we strive to make HMIF ITB an ecosystem capable of developing HMIF citizens both in terms of knowledge and the potential to benefit all Indonesian people.


Ikatan Mahasiswa Telekomunikasi ‘SIGNUM’

Ikatan Mahasiswa Telekomunikasi (IMT) “Signum” ITB is one of the Student Associations of the Department of Telecommunications Engineering under the auspices of STEI ITB. IMT “Signum” ITB was established on February 14, 2016 based on the strong need and desire of ITB Telecommunication Engineering students for Telecommunication Engineering science. The word “Signum” in the name IMT “Signum” ITB means “Signal” in Latin. In addition, the word “Signal” itself can mean as “Sign”. With this meaning, IMT “Signum” ITB hopes that it will continue and continue to be a sign for the scientific existence of Telecommunication Engineering in Indonesia.



Elektroteknik ITB

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Informatika ITB

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IMT “Signum” ITB

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