SEEI ITB Students

School of Electrical Engineering and Informatics

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ITB Electrical Engineering Student Association

HME ITB was born on December 5, 1949. The presence of HME ITB at that time was based on the hobby and desire of electrical students to channel it and work in the field of practical electronics.

ITB Informatics Engineering Student Association

HMIF ITB is a student organization that houses students of the Bachelor of Informatics Engineering and Information Systems & Technology Bandung Institute of Technology study program.

ITB Telecommunication Engineering 'Signum' Student Association

The Telecommunications Student Association (IMT) “Signum” ITB is one of the Telecommunications Engineering Student Associations under the auspices of STEI ITB.


Elektroteknik ITB

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Informatika ITB

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IMT “Signum” ITB

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One of the existing orientations to help universities achieve the goals expressed by Mr. Mohammad Hatta is college student council.

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Student Club

ITB provides Student Club as a means for students to have activities and gather outside of lecture activities. UKM ITB consists of UKM sports, arts, religion, and science.

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Student Association

The Student Association is a medium for its members to develop mindsets, potentials, and personalities related to their scientific disciplines so that they are ready to enter the community. Each department at ITB has its own set.

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