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SEEI Quantum Technology Lab in collaboration with domestic and foreign partners / collaborators offers Thesis / Dissertation for prospective Postgraduate Program students from the Master / Master Study Program in Electrical Engineering and Doctoral Study Program (S3) Electrical and Informatics Engineering, SEEI ITB as follows:

  • Quantum Optimization
  • Simulation of QKD (Quantum Key Distribution) system on a quantum processor
  • Quantum Machine Learning
  • High-order Hadamard matrix search with quantum computing
  • Advanced Quantum and Microscopic Imaging: quantum microscopy, confocal, holographic microscopy
  • Quantum computing for weather forecasting

Registration of prospective students can be done through the ITB entrance exam site (usm.itb.ac.id). Requirements (TOEFL, TPA, ..) and entrance exam materials for each study program can be viewed on the site. S3 (Doctoral) programs usually require the willingness of prospective promoters. Interested in the above topics are encouraged to first contact the Head/Member of the lab and cooperation partners before including them in the fields for prospective supervisors.

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  A quantum computing in Indonesia with remarkable economic development. Bandung Institute of Technology has a long history of contributing to the development of science and technology, not only in Indonesia but also around the world. There is also active exchange with Japan, including RIKEN, JICA, and many universities.   Q1. Since the middle of...
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