Laboratories and Facilites

Various facilities available in this lab are complete set of Mini Refinery Plant (provided by Honeywell) and Process Instrumentation Trainer which has belonged to Control System and Computer Laboratory since 2010. Both are currently equipped with Experimental Process Knowledge System – Distributed Control System using C300 controller as the main controller.
Since the beginning of its operation, this laboratory has been a residency laboratory for undergraduate students in senior year who are doing their Final Project (Capstone Design) and postgraduate students who are doing their Thesis research or other research activities related to Cyber-Physical Systems.

Common topics for research conducted in this laboratory are Cyber ​​Security, Sensors and Instrumentation, Virtual Reality, and Advanced Control methods for Industrial Processes. In addition to research activities, there are also laboratory experiment activities for undergraduate students, as part of the compulsory subject of Control System EL3015. Laboratory experiments are intended to familiarize students with industrial process control.


Biomedical Engineering Laboratory

Head of Biomedical Engineering Laboratory : Astri Handayani, S.T, M.T.

The Biomedical Engineering Laboratory has a strategic position between the disciplines of biomedical instrumentation and biomedical informatics. Research in Biomedical Instrumentation includes improvements to medical imaging constructs, detectors and fetal alert systems, Ultrasound hardware and diagnostic software.

High Voltage and High Current Engineering Laboratory

Head Of High Voltage and High Current Engineering Laboratory : Dr. Umar Khayam,ST., MT.

This laboratory provides facilities for conducting research on insulating materials in tropical environments, lighting physical phenomena and protection of power and electronic systems, grounding issues, electromagnetic compatibility, electrical equipment maintenance and technology, and risk analysis of equipment problems.

Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

Head Of Artificial Intelligence Laboratory : Dessi Puji Lestari, S.T, M.Eng., Ph.D.

This lab focuses on intelligent graphics engines, computer vision, intelligent agent & multi-agent systems, natural language processing, text mining, speech processing, expert systems, intelligent information systems, machine learning, robotics (human computer interaction, vision and planning).

Computational Science and Engineering Laboratory

Head of Computational Science and Engineering Laboratory : Nugraha Priya Utama, S.T, M.A., Ph.D.

The Computational Science and Engineering Laboratory facilitates research related to information retrieval and filtering, search engines, information extraction, recommendation systems, document summarization, text processing, computational linguistics, cryptography, coding theory, compression methods, computer simulation, computational theory, algorithm design and analysis , computational complexity, numerical methods, formal languages ​​and automata, compiler design.

Electrical Energy Conversion Laboratory

Head of Electrical Energy Conversion Laboratory : Burhanuddin Halimi, S.T, M.T, Ph.D.

Electrical energy conversion research laboratory is a laboratory for research and experimentation related to electrical machines, power electronics, electric drives, power quality, power generation systems, and microgrids. In addition to electrical machines, power converters, and computers for experiments, the laboratory has facilities for mechanical work. This laboratory also has cooperation with many national and international companies and institutions for research in various fields in the field of electrical engineering.

Radio Telecommunications and Microwave Laboratory

Head of Radio Telecommunications and Microwave Laboratory : Dr. Irma Zakia, S.T, M.Sc.

This laboratory provides research facilities in fields related to radio telecommunications, electromagnetics, satellite and terrestrial communications, cellular communications, wireless communications, antennas and wave propagation, microwave devices, signal processing, radar and navigation, as well as telemedicine and e-Health.

Software Engineering Laboratory

Head of Software Engineering Laboratory :Dr. Yani Widyani, S.T, M.T.

This laboratory supports research activities in the following topics: web engineering including web services, service-oriented architecture, mobile application development, enterprise application technologies, and software development techniques and methods. It also supports teaching activities for software engineering and related courses such as basic and Advanced Software Engineering, Software Projects, and Object Oriented Software Analysis and Design.

Electric Power System and Grid Dynamics Laboratory

Head of Electric Power System and Grid Dynamics Laboratory : Dr. Ir. Nanang Hariyanto, M.T.

This laboratory facilitates research in the fields of electric power system calculations, power system delivery (distribution planning & power management systems, AI-based for simultaneous generation and transmission planning, application of FACTS), power system operations, and economics (application of game theory and evolutionary calculations for power system operation, application of phasor measurement units for voltage stability & phase out detection), and SCADA & SMART GRID (adaptive protection for power distribution, self-healing mechanism).

Telematics Laboratory

Head of Telematics Laboratory : Hamonangan Situmorang, S.T, M.T.

The Telematics Laboratory provides research and education facilities in the fields of: networks and infrastructure, Internet of Things and smart devices/equipment, telecommunication systems and services, performance modeling and analysis, application and business studies, and network security. The laboratory is equipped with various laboratory facilities and networks, occupying about 1,200 square meters.

Electronic Devices, Circuits, and System Laboratory

Head of Electronic Devices, Circuits, and System Laboratory : Muhammad Iqbal Arsyad, S.T, M.T.

Electronic components laboratory and facilitates research on digital radio SoC, analog VLSI circuits and systems, heterogeneous multicore architectures, wireless sensor networks and embedded systems.

Electrical Engineering Fundamental Laboratory

Head of Electrical Engineering Fundamental Laboratory : Dr. Waskita Adijarto, ST.,MT.

Each semester the laboratory can handle laboratory work of up to 240 students for EC, 380 students for DS, 80 students for DSP and 120 students for MS. In addition, the laboratory also provides electronic laboratory work services for Industrial Engineering study programs and Embedded Systems laboratory work and facilitates students in their final project.

Database Laboratory

Head of Database Laboratory : Latifa Dwiyanti, S.T., M.T.

The laboratory of Database provides support for educational and research activities related to database computing. Its facility includes several platforms of database server machines connected in a network computer for research in the following topics: data warehouse and business intelligence, data mining, web database, temporal database representation and modeling, metadata application & management, distributed database, database processing, and patterns & pattern language of conceptual data models.

Basic informatics Laboratory

Head of Basic informatics Laboratory: Dr. Techn. Muhammad Zuhri Catur Candra, S.T, M.T.

Basic Informatics / Computer Science Laboratory provides computing services to all students in the School of Electrical and Informatics Engineering (STEI). It especially supports lab work for programming fundamentals, algorithms & data structures, as well as object-oriented programming courses. This laboratory occupies five rooms, accommodates a total of 181 networked computers with Internet access. Whenever one of the lab spaces is not used for scheduled laboratory work, STEI students can use the lab to do their coursework and access to the Internet.

Programming Laboratory

Head of Programming Laboratory :  Dr. Agung Dewandaru, S.T., M.Sc.

This laboratory mainly provides services to STEI students to do their Final Projects related to the programming field. It occupies a space of 60 square meters and is equipped with computers with multiple platforms/operating systems. In addition, the lab provides assistance for programming related courses.

Control and Computer System Laboratory

Head of Control and Computer System Laboratory : Dr. Pranoto H. Rusmin, ST.,MT. 

This laboratory provides support for research on Optimal Control, Robust Control, Adaptive Control, Nonlinear and Chaos Control, Stochastic and Estimation Control, Multivariable Linear System, Distributed Parameter System, Modeling and Identification, Control System and Intelligence, Process Optimization and Scheduling, Discritualization Process Control and Hybrid Systems, Computer Architecture, Parallel and Distributed Computing, Complex Adaptive Systems.


Information Systems Laboratory

Head of Information Systems Laboratory : Dicky Prima Satya, S.T, M.T.

Information System Lab (ISL) is an academic and research supporting unit to conduct research in information system area. ISL aims to provide enabling technologies for the emergence of an information society and a digital economy. Research in ISL focuses on data management and information analysis to optimize the systematic implementation of the linked digital world. Core topics include information system development, data analytics, information science, and conceptual modeling. Member of ISL teaches information system development; data, information, and IS management and integration; and business-technology integration.

Distributed System Laboratory

Head of Distributed System Laboratory : Achmad Imam Kistijantoro, S.T, M.Sc., Ph.D. 

The Distributed Systems Lab (DSL) is an academic and research facility to support research in the field of distributed systems. Our main interest is GPU-based parallel computing; mobile computing; scalable distributed systems (transactions, application servers, databases); large-scale internet services; group communication; unified messaging system; middleware and computer architecture. DSL members teach distributed systems, operating systems, parallel & concurrent programming, computer architecture.

Signal and System Laboratory

Head of Signal and System Laboratory : Dr. Yoanes Bandung, S.T, M.T.

The laboratory supports research on digital signal processing, speech processing, natural language processing and robotics, signal compression, stochastic systems, systems theory, systems analysis and design, optical communication, and information technology.


Computer Engineering Laboratory

Head of Computer Engineering Laboratory : Dr. Reza Darmakusuma, S.T, M.T.

This laboratory supports RnD activities in Human-Content Interaction, Internet-of-Things, High Performance Computers & Artificial Intelligence especially at postgraduate level. This laboratory also has a role to support academic activities in the Capstone Final Project in the Bachelor of Electrical Engineering and Master’s Programs, especially Digital Media & Game Technology & Computer Engineering. It is equipped with advanced Human Content Interaction such as HMD, AR Hololense, IoT Development System, 3D Printer and Laser Cutting System and also supported by high performance data center.

Advanced Computing Laboratory

Head of Advanced Computing Laboratory : Achmad Imam Kistijantoro, ST.,M.Sc.,Ph.D.

Advanced Computing Laboratory provides various state-of-the-art facilities for all study programs at the School of Electrical and Informatics Engineering. It provides equipment for Internet of Things, Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality, Drones and High Performance Computing facilities, including GPU processing.

Honeywell Advanced Control Laboratory

Head of Honeywell Advanced Control Laboratory : Dr. Pranoto H. Rusmin, ST.,MT.

Honeywell Control Laboratory was inaugurated on December 1, 2016 by the President of Honeywell Indonesia, Allex Pollack, President of ITB, Prof. Dr. Ir. Kadarsyah Suryadi, and the Dean of the School of Electrical and Informatics Engineering (STEI ITB) Dr. Ir. Jake Sembiring. This laboratory is intended for students to study industrial process control and other related fields that support Industry 4.0.

Quantum Laboratory

Head of Quantum Laboratory : Prof. Andriyan Bayu Suksmono, MT.,Ph.D.


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Metaverse Laboratory

Head of Metaverse Laboratory : Dr. tech. Wikan Danar Sunindyo, S.T, M.Sc.


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