Teknik Ketenagalistrikan


Bidang Keilmuan :

Electric Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution, Power Electronics, Power Quality, Power Economic, FACTS, Renewable Energy, Electric Traction, Electromagnetic Compatibility, Electrical Engineering Materials, High Voltage Insulation Technologies, High Voltage Apparatuses, Lightning Detection and Protection, Power System Analysis, SCADA, Electrical Measurements.

Cakupan Penelitian :

  1. GENERATION SYSTEM: Distributed Generation and System, Bio-Energy, Power Electronics on Distributed Generation Systems
  2. POWER SYSTEM: Computation, Security, Power Quality, Transmission and Distribution Automation & Monitoring System
  3. POWER DELIVERY: DSM, Wide Area Protection, Reactive Power Management, FACTS, Power Economic, Electrical Power Business, Electrical Pricing, Undersea Cable Technology
  4. PROTECTION SYSTEM: Material and Technology, Electromagnetic Compatibility, Lightning Protection Technology.
  5. POWER APPARATUS: Instrumentation and Measurement, Field Analysis on Power System Apparatus, Maintenance of High Voltage Apparatus

Ketua KK :

Prof.Dr.Ir. Suwarno

Anggota KK :

Prof.Dr.Ir. Ngapuli I. Sinisuka
Prof.Dr.Ir. Yanuarsyah Haroen
Dr.Dipl.Ing.Ir. Reynaldo Zoro
Dr.Ir. Bambang Anggoro
Dr.Ir. Gibson Hilman Sianipar
Dr.Ir. Pekik Argo Dahono
Dr.Ir. Muhammad Nurdin
Dr.Ir. Isnuwardianto
Dr.Ir. Syarif Hidayat
Dr.Ir. Nanang Hariyanto
Dr.Ir. Agus Purwadi
Dr. Deny Hamdani, M. Sc.
Dr. Umar Khayam,ST.,MT.
Dr. Tri Desmana Rachmildha, ST.MT
Burhanuddin Halimi, Ph.D.
Dr.Eng. Arwindra Rizqiawan.MT.


Toward worldwide recognized power engineering institution with contribution to nation empowerment


Guiding development and transformation of community in field power engineering inspired by Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi through high-quality invention and quick-response to global and local challenges


  1. Establishment of strategic cooperation with institutions within ITB and outsides ITB, national and international bodies, in research and teaching.
  2. Establishment of Plan of Study of Power Engineering.
  3. Dissemination of research results through continuing education programs.


  1. Electrical Energy Conversion Laboratory
  2. High Voltage and Current Laboratory
  3. Power System and Distribution Laboratory
  4. Lightning Research Station Mt. Tangkuban Perahu


Phone Number : +62 22 2506291
Fax Number : +62 22 2506291