05/12/2022 Bandung; As the pandemic situation is getting better, it is common for offline activities involving the masses to be held again. Likewise, with the ITB Education Open House, which was held again offline for the first time since the pandemic.

Two years ago, visitors had to be quite satisfied by visiting the stand virtually. Even though it has been held optimally, there is still a feeling of longing to attend the Open House in person. Therefore, it is not surprising that there were so many visitors to the ITB Education Open House 2022. Even though there were many visitors, the committee still enforced strict health protocols.

This year’s ITB Education Open House was held at Sasana Budaya Ganesha (Sabuga) ITB. This event lasts for three days, starting from December 2 2022 to December 4 2022. Unlike the previous year which was held virtually, this time participants could visit the faculty booth in person, ask questions of the academic community, watch presentations from faculty representatives, and Get information about ITB entrance routes and scholarships.

This year the SEEI stand is again busy with visitors, moreover STEI is preparing several units of robots from Control and Computer Systems Research Group and conversion machines from Electrical Engineering Research Group, to be exhibited, including:

  1. SRM Drives Test Bed for E-trike Application
  2. Autonomous Aerial Drones
  3. Mazenav
  4. Donkey Car
  5. Pioneer – Autonomous Navigation Robot

Several lecturers and student representatives were also present to explain the units that had been prepared and answer questions from the general public who were interested in study and learning programs at SEEI ITB. Both on the first, second and third day, the enthusiasm of the people were still high.

Hopefully for the following years, the ITB Education Open House can still be held offline.

Thank you for visiting the SEEI ITB booth!