36 Papers Become Discussion Materials at the 7th ICWT Conducted by KK Telecommunications STEI ITB and UIN-SGD

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Opening of ICWT

The International Conference on Wireless and Telematics (ICWT) is a series of annual conferences organized by the School of Electrical and Informatics Engineering, Bandung Institute of Technology (STEI ITB) and the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) which are approved by the IEEE Indonesia Section.

This 2021 ICWT is the 7th activity. This Conference offers opportunities for researchers, practitioners, and researchers in the industry to share and share their experiences and research results regarding science and technology research. In addition, this conference is also an opportunity to discuss practitioners’ challenges and how to solve them.

This year, ICWT is organized by the School of Electrical Engineering and Informatics, Bandung Institute of Technology and UIN Sunan Gunung Djati Bandung (UIN-SGD) online and offline at Horison Green Forest Bandung, Indonesia. Papers that have been presented will be uploaded to IEEE Xplore.

The opening of the ICWT was held on August 19, 2021. This year ICWT received 36 papers that could be presented during the event. This number is an extraordinary achievement.

The event opened with several remarks. Initiated by Dr. Iskandar said that ICWT is one of the international conferences in Indonesia in the field of information and communication technology which was attended by higher education, industry, government, and the public sector. This year’s conference has undergone various developments and was attended by two countries, namely Malaysia and Indonesia. Dr. Iskandar thanks the authors who have submitted papers at this conference.

“I hope this conference can be a place for practitioners and researchers to share valuable research results. This event will significantly contribute and raise awareness for community members to bring about a better life.” said Prof. Tutun Juhana, the Dean of STEI ITB.

Dr. Hj. Hasniah Aliah as the Dean of SFT UIN-SGD also gave a speech. With this conference, hopefully it can provide experience and be used to meet with colleagues. At this conference, the results of research products that have been carried out will be very useful for the community.

During the opening, it was divided into several sessions and several rooms in the Zoom application. In his presentation, each paper is explained about the background, research methods, design and implementation, results and discussions, and conclusions. In addition, there was also a question and answer session and a discussion about the presented paper. The following is data for 36 papers contained at ICWT 2021.

List and schedule of papers to be presented

Parallel Session 1 (19/08/2021 10.00-12.00)

Information Systems and Software Engineering (Room 1)

070204 – Augmented Reality using Natural Feature Tracking Method to Introduce Science Verses in Qur’an by Dian Sa’adillah Maylawati, Khusnul Khotimah, Diena Rauda Ramdania, Muhammad Ali Ramdhani, Yana Aditia Gerhana, Mohamad Irfan, and Rosihon Anwar.

070212 – A DApp Architecture for Personal Lending on Blockchain by Wisnu Uriawan, Cepy Slamet, Agung Wahana, and Vemy Suci Asih.

070224 – Web Crawler Development to Optimize the Sentiment Analysis Process of Indonesian News Article Opinions by Ichsan Budiman, Muhammad Deden Firdaus, Muhammad Insan Al-Amin, Eva Nurlatifah, and Jumadi.

070225 – Decision Support System for Neglected Elderly Social Assistance Recipients Using Weighted Products by Abraham Dwi Kurniawan, Diena Rauda Ramdania, Beki Subaeki, Cepi Slamet, Muhammad Insan Al-Amin, and Gitarja Sandi.

070238 – The Study of Telescope and E-Tara: Online Application for Detecting the Authentic and Fraud Divorce Certificates in Religious Court by Ramdani Wahtu Suurie, Lia Kamelia, Yoghi Arief Susanto, and Regina Maurizka Rifada.

070274 – Development of Intelligent Telegram Chatbot using Natural Language Processing by Teddy Surya Gunawa, Asaad Balla Falelmula Babiker, Nanang Ismail, Mufid Ridlo Effendi.


Parallel Session 2 (19/08/21 13.00-15.20)

Internet-of-Things and Networked Systems (Room 1)

070330 – IoT Monitoring System for Solar Power Plan Based on MQTT Publisher/Subscriber Protocol by Januan Muhamad Ramadhan, Rina Mardiati, and Irsyad Nashirul Haq.

070234 – Design of Automatic Watergate System Using ESP32 Microcontroller Based on Fuzzy Logic Method by Fadhilah Rama, Rina Mardiati, Edi Mulyana, and Ah Fathonih.

070237 – Design of Voltage and Flow Monitoring System for PJU-TS Using the Internet of Things (IoT) by Agi Sahrul Pradana, Adam Faroqi, Edi Mulyana, and Fauzan Ali Rasyid.

070239 – The Prototype of Smart Garden Fertigation System with Solar Photovoltaic System Based on IoT by Reno Muhammad Fadilla, Nabila Safitri Dwi Oktafiandini, Muhitha Adha, Lia Kamelia, Dendih Fredi Firdaus, and Akmaliyah.

070241 – IoT-Based Battery Monitoring System in Solar Power Plants with Secure Copy Protocol by Mufid Ridlo Effendi

070242 – Growth Monitoring System and Automatic Watering for Chile Plants Based on Internet of Things by Dzulfikri Hanafi, Rina Mardiati, Toni Prabowo, and Cecep Hidayat.

070347 – A Systematic Literature Review on IoT-Based Smart Grid by Nike Sartika, Yuda Sukmana, Mufid Ridlo Effendi, Iu Rusliana, Khomisah, and Yuyun Yuningsih.



Artificial Intelligence and Advance Programming (Room 2)

070207 – A Deep Learning Approach to Analyze The Sentiment of Online Game Users by Agung Wahana, Wildan Budiawan Zulfikar, Wildan Najah Widiansyah, Aldy Rialdy Atmadja, Diena Rauda Ramdania, and Beki Subaeki.

070210 – Expert System to Detect Social Anxiety in Student Using the Rule-Based Reasoning Method by Cepy Slamet, Nida Maria Ulfah, Dian Sa’adillah Maylawati, Rachmat Jaenal Abidin, Khaerul Manaf, and Rosleny Marliani.

070913 – Text Summarization using TextRank for Knowledge Externallization from Indonesian Online Discussion Forums by Yana Aditia Gerhana, Ichsan Taufik, Raka Iqbal Syamsuddin, Invite Syaripudin, Titik Khawa Adbul Rahman, Muhammad Ali Ramdhani, and Dian Sa’adillah Maylawati.

070215 – Topic Clusterization of Indonesian Journal Article Based Topic Modeling by Ali Rahman, Ana Hadiana, Agung Wahana, Wahyudin Darmalaksana, Muhammad Ali Ramdhani, and Rizy Sam Pratama

070220 – Augmented Reality Approach to Introduce Batik Garuta Using Features Accelerated Segment Test by Rizaldi Andriansyah, Nur Lukman, Ichsan Taufik, Agung Wahana, Dian Sa’adillah Maylawati, Beki Subaeki, and Putri Diesy Fitriani.

070235 – Design and Simulation Transfer Learning on Image Processing for Determining Condition of Robot Based on Neural Network by Asep Khoerudin, Rina Mardiati, Edi Mulyana, and Aan Eko Setiawan.

070259 – ANN Design Model to Recognize the Direction of Multi-Robot AGV by Aan Eko Setiawan, Angga Rusdinar, Rina Mardiati, and Eki Ahmad Zaki Hamid.


Parallel Session 3 (19/08/21 15.40-18.20)

Internet-of-Things and Networked Systems (Room 1)

070403 – A Smart Waste Management Under a Wireless Communication System by Marwan, Nurhayati, Nur Aminah, Rusdi Wartapane, Muhammad Syarif, and Ibrahim Abduh.

070246 – Design of Humidity Control with Automated Drip Irrigation System Using Node-RED and MQTT on Cactus Plant by Rachma Dianty, Rina Mardiati, Edi Mulyana, and Aep Kusnawan.

070248 – The Development of The Home Electrical Power Consumption System Prototype in Real-Time by Yusuf Maulana, Riski Darmawan, Lia Kamelia, Edi Mulyana, Mufid Ridlo Effendi, and Muhammad Ibnu Pamungkas.

070249 – The Prototype of Smart Power Meter at Home Based on Internet of Things by Andi Irwansyah Satriananda, Mufid Ridlo Effendi, Lia Kamelia, and Aep Kusnawan.

070250 – Ab Mix Hydroponics Nutrient Solution Concentration Control Using Microcontroller Based On-Off Control Method by Disan Alvin Nur Fadillah, Adam Faroqi, Lia Kamelia, and Ah. Fathonih.

070255 – Prototype of Smart Fish Farm in Fish Farming Koi by Pupug Ginanjar, Sarah Opipah, Dadan Rusmana, Muhlas, Mufid Ridlo Effendi, and Eki Ahmad Zaki Hamidi.

070256 – Design and Implementation of The Blind Navigation Aids Using Ultrasonic Sensors by Muhammad Yasir, Indri Nurfazri Lestari, Cucu Setiawan, Ulfiah, Mufid Ridlo Effendi, and Eki Ahmed Zaki Hamidi.

070257 – Design and Implementation of Clothesline and Air Dryer Prototype Based on Internet of Things by Muhammad Haekal Gifari, Irfan Fahmi, Ajid Thohir, Abdullah Syafei, Mufid Ridlo Effendi, and Eki Ahmad Zaki Hamidi.


RF Devices and Communication Systems (Room 2)

070109 – Transducer Array System Design for Underwater Communication System Using Audio Frequency by Viandra Nurmalita, Ni Nyoman Dheanty Maharani, Dr. Ir. Ian Joseph Matheus Edward, MT., and Dr. Iskandar ST., MT.

070114 – Implementation of Channel Coding System as Error Checking in The Underwater Communication System Using Audio Frequency by Ni Nyoman Dheanty Maharani, Viandra Nurmalita, Ian Joseph Matheus Edward, and Iskandar.

070343 – AMC-Based Multiband Microstrip Antenna for Wireless Communication by Muhammad Farhan Maulana, Eki Ahmad Zaki Hamidi, Achmad Munir, and Nanang Ismail.

070344 – Characteristic Performance of L-Band Waveguide BPF Made of Substrate Integrated Structure by Aulia Fathoni, Nanang Ismail, Hardi Nusantara, and Achmad Munir.

070345 – Characterization of SIW-Based 5.8 GHz Monopulse Antenna Using Type-V Linear Slot by Ebin Novendra, Achmad Munir, A. Bachrun Rifa’i, and Nanang Ismail.

070153 – Hardware Design and Implementation of Long-Range Communication System for Rural Area by I Komplang Gede Wirahita Putramas, Ian Joseph Matheus Edward, Iskandar, and Dharma Favitri Haryanto.

070162 – Power Allocation Effect on Capacity of Single Carrier Power Domain Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access (NOMA) by Muhammad Avi Majid Kaaffah and Iskandar.

070182 – Path Loss Estimation of 5G Millimeter Wave Propagation Channel – Literature Survey by Muhammad Brata and Irma Zakia.


(Article by Rio Prawira Octavieri, D4 Media Production Management Universitas Padjadjaran)