Ganeshantuy Team and Wetonia Team Wins Building Automation System Design Competition, With The Project Will Be Exhibited in USA

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In this international competition, students are challenged to design a system so that users in a building can report operational issues related to room temperature to the building operator.

The Ganeshantuy team consists of Calvin Sawaddah from Mechanical Engineering, Rezky Mahesa Nanda and Ahmad Revo Guci from Physics Engineering, Ainun Fitryh Vianiryzki from Informatics Engineering, and Hafidza Fara Hapsari and Valeryn Horlanso from Architectural Engineering.

They designed a commercial building in Balikpapan that is equipped with a kinetic façade so that it can be more adaptive to the climate.

“So when it’s morning and it’s not hot yet, the kinetic façade opens, then when the day gets warmer, the adaptive kinetic façade closes itself. Coupled with an automated system that was built by his informatics, maybe he can produce a good and useful design, “said Valeryn.

The commercial building designed by the Ganeshantuy ITB team is equipped with a kinetic facade that can adapt to the climate.

The building is equipped with a computation system that allows users to provide input regarding the comfort they feel at room temperature.

The two ITB teams dominated the Applied Engineering Challenge category held by ASHRAE or the American Society of Heating Refrigerating and Air Conditioning. Wetonia came out as the first winner, followed by Ganeshantuy as the second winner. Guided by their supervisors, they beat teams of other students from around the world, including from Ecuador and Egypt.

For Calvin, his experience in participating in this competition gave him a valuable lesson, namely the importance of collaboration. “After participating in this competition I thought that the machine itself could do nothing, so they had to collaborate with other fields to produce a certain result. If you can’t do anything yourself. “

Much of the group work is being carried out online amid the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown regulations.