Registration for Digital Talent 2020 Fresh Graduate Academy (FGA) is still open

div>The Fresh Graduate Academy Digital Talent Scholarship (FGA DTS) program is a competency improvement training program in the ICT field that focuses on 7 (seven) training themes namely CCNA Network Engineer, CCNA Cyberoperation Specialist, Cloud Computing, Core System Administration, Java Programming, Database Design and Programming with SQL, and Data Science. The training is held in partnership with 5 global tech companies, namely Amazon Web Service (AWS) Educate, Cisco Networking Academy, IBM Indonesia, Oracle Academy, and Red Hat Academy.

This training is held in 55 universities both public and private throughout Indonesia. This training is intended for graduates of D3 / D4 / S1 in the fields of ICT, Mathematics and Natural Sciences, and other Engineering as evidenced by a diploma / SKL and not yet working or not currently working in order to have professional competence in accordance with the development of science and technology in the era of industrial revolution 4.0. This FGA training was held from 2018 to 2020 with various training themes. The implementation of the FGA program in 2020 will take place for 210 Hours of Training (JP) online. At the end of the training, participants will be provided with post-training provision in the form of soft-skill development for 12 JP.
The tertiary institutions in this program play the role of providing facilities and infrastructure as well as training instructors in accordance with the training scheme. At the end of the training, participants who meet the requirements will have the opportunity to take part in the industrial certification program in accordance with the training theme taken.
It is hoped that with the implementation of this FGA program, it can provide ready-to-use abilities for S1 and D3 / D4 graduates which will have an impact on reducing unemployment and be able to meet the needs of skilled workers in the technology sector. The Ministry of Communication and Information in this case seeks to create a balanced ecosystem to maximize the role of the triple helix (government agencies, private sector, and educational institutions) to become facilitators and accelerators to support the digital economy.
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