Dr. Ir. Ian: Customer Personal Data Is Not Held by Telecommunications Operators

JAKARTA, suaramerdeka.com – Dr.Ir. Ian Joseph Matheus Edward, MT. The Head of the Master of Electrical Engineering Study Program at the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) regretted that there were still public personal data circulating in the public space. Ian said, it is not certain that the personal data that is discussed in the public comes from the telecommunication operator’s data leak.
“In fact, many leaks of personal data have occurred in Indonesia. However, for personal data leaks originating from telecommunication providers, in my opinion, it is very unlikely. When the public does prepaid registration, the operator does not save the data. The entire prepaid registration data is stored and maintained by the Dukcapil, so it is very unlikely that the operator can get the data, “explained Ian.
Ian continued, currently the personal data of the Indonesian people such as NIK and NO KK have been circulating very widely. Even when registering online motorcycle taxi services, applying for loans, having an e-wallet or fintech, people often submit photos of ID cards and family cards. When obtaining the NIK and KK number, irresponsible parties can perform searches on various sites.
“Even when I get a NIK and KK number, I can check family members on the BPJS Kesehatan website. The problem is that the BPJS data uses NIK and KK number. So I am sure there is minimal leakage of personal data from operators. This is because operators do not keep their NIK and KK numbers. Operator data is not like that. Telecommunication operators are not their job to find personal data of their consumers, ”explained Ian.
In the Denny Siregar case, Ian suspected that the perpetrator had combined several data on victims that had already leaked everywhere. The perpetrator can combine the victim’s personal data that has been leaked which may have been unconsciously provided by the victim to get WA services or social media, online motorcycle taxis, e-wallets or fintech.
“We actually unconsciously gave our personal data to other parties. With personal data circulating on digital platforms, it will be very easy for irresponsible parties to take advantage of it. In order to minimize cases like Denny Siregar from happening again in the future, Ian asked the government to immediately discuss and finalize the Personal Data Protection Bill, “he said.
This news was previously published in Suaramerdeka.com.