Get to know Prof. Trio Adiono, the First Chip Design House Industry Initiator of Nusantara

Indonesia, which has so far only acted as a “tailor” in the world of microelectronics, has finally become its own designer. The strong desire to develop high-tech products can finally be realized.

Like the industry developed by Prof. Trio Adiono, chairman of  Electronics Research Group, made Indonesia able to design chips domestically.

The company he developed was a company engaged in the design of semiconductor chipsets. This company is the first chip house design industry in Indonesia.

The house design industry is an industry that focuses on designing electronic components. So, it can be said as the product owner.

Some of the products that have been produced are 4G / WiMax, smart cards, and IoT chips. Smart card products developed have been used in several universities such as the Bandung Institute of Technology, Hassanuddin University, University of Indonesia, Telkom University and Riau University.

“Starting in 1994 at the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), my final assignment research and thesis I carried out carried out the topic of chip and processor design,” said Prof. Trio.

Indeed, the electronics industry is one of the industry sectors with the largest export value. In developed countries, the contribution of the electronics industry sector to GDP is very significant. However, Indonesia is not yet independent in the electronics component. In fact, electronics experts in Indonesia have learned a lot to design, but on an industrial scale, in Indonesia is still minimal. This is what drives Prof. Trio to develop the first chip house design industry in Indonesia.

Starting from the Final Project

Through his final assignment research, he further explored microelectronics at the Tokyo Institute of Technology at the Doctoral level. After completing his doctoral and post-doctoral programs, he worked at a chip house design company in Japan.

“When I was young, for me electrical engineering was something sophisticated and interesting. Because it can change something that is not moving into moving, something that is not controlled to be controlled, “said Prof. Trio.

Armed with his experience, he decided to return to Indonesia to realize his desire to build the electronics industry in Indonesia.


The development of the first chip house design industry is not without challenges. According to Prof. Trio, the main difficulty in building the chip house design industry is marketing. The fact that is faced is that Indonesian products sold domestically experience difficulties in sales.”The challenges in the hi-tech industry in Indonesia, if there is no interference from the regulator, it will be quite difficult. This is because we are head-to-head with large scale international companies. They have great work efficiency, so they can sell at lower prices, this is a challenge for us, “said Prof. Trio.

From a technical point of view, human resources from Indonesia still need to be improved in terms of quality and quantity. The number of talents in this field is still minimal and has not yet reached critical mass.

He also hopes that there will be products that have been accepted by the people of Indonesia, become booming, useful and used by many people because of necessity. So, it can attract other industries in order to develop in Indonesia. He also gave a special message to the students.

“Make something to the end, until it’s complete. Because God willing, what we do will be useful. Not just focus, it must be strict, ” he said. (from siedoo *)

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