Ainge ST Team Grabs 3rd Winner of Regional Asia Pacific & Southeast Peninsula and Best National at ACM-ICPC 2017

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BANDUNG, – There is no easy struggle. Behind the triumphant victories looming in front of the public eye, there’s actually a mountain of failures that have been passed and dreams that never reached. After passing through the various fall-ups over the years, the Ainge ST team finally succeeded in reaching the 3rd and Best National Champion in Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) – International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) at Regional Asia Pacific & South East Peninsula 2017. The contest was attended by 80 teams from Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan, China, and others, held at Binus University, Jakarta on Sunday (14/11/17). Once again, Luqman Arifin Siswanto (Engineering Informatics 2013), Wiwit Rifa’i (Informatics Engineering 2013), and Alfonsus Raditya Arsadjaja (Informatics Engineering 2014) the name of ITB in the international arena as well as national.

Years of Working Hard and Dedication

Their story begins from 2013, when Luqman and Wiwit just getting to know the simple programming world. Though obviously lagging behind their fellow comrades, their still-zero knowledge at the time did not stop their enthusiasm for their own explorations. They do not let a sense of inferiority get in the way. Initially, they failed and fell many times on many occasions. But they set aside any obstacles and hesitations, and keep trying to live their interests unyielding.

Meanwhile, Raditya pursued his interest in Competitive Programming (CP) since high school. From training for the National Science Olympiad (OSN), high school equivalent contests, to online judge sites for self-training, Raditya was learned them all long ago. He continually learning various algorithms, data structures, and logic issues through college.

Finally, in this race, Luqman, Wiwit, and Raditya formed Ainge ST. Together they defeated 77 other strong teams and advanced to become the best team in Indonesia, ranked third in the Asia Pacific & Southeast Peninsula.

Rooted from Interest, Fruiting in the Work

Digging the way to dreams should be based on diligence and endeavor. No dreams can be achieved without a struggle. “First, of course decide what you want to achieve during college, and also determine the priority. Then, strive for the dream. Do not be inferior because you do not know anything, because everyone must have experienced the same thing when just starting something. Make it a motivation that you too can be like them, and maybe even more. Determine how much effort and sacrifice you can give to reach the goal, do not regret in the future because it still failed to achieve that goal, just because not enough effort and sacrifice,” said Wiwit.

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