From Labtek V, Team Ainge ST Conquered the World through IEEEXtreme Programming Competition 11.0

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BANDUNG, ITB students are constantly raising sang saka merah putih in international competition. This time is achieved through the world-class programming competition IEEEXtreme Programming Competition 11.0 held by Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineer (IEEE). In the competition held on Saturday-Sunday (14-15/10/2017), three STEI students who joined in Ainge ST team namely Luqman Arifin Siswanto (Engineering Informatics 2013), Wiwit Rifa’i (Informatics Engineering 2013), and Alfonsus Raditya Arsadjaja (Engineering Informatics 2014) managed to rank 4 of 3350 university teams around the world who participated. The top five worlds come from Switzerland, China, United States, Indonesia (ITB), China. This remarkable achievement elevates Indonesia’s name to the world’s advanced nations in this annual prestigious tournament.

In IEEEXtreme Programming Competition 11.0, a team of three students must complete 30 programming issues given every hour. The online competition deadline is 24 hours without pause. This competition examines participants’ ability in logical reasoning, algorithms, data structure, math, and programming capabilities quickly and efficiently. Participants are required to solve algorithmic problems using C ++ / Java programs. The created program must match the description of the given problem and must meet the time limits of execution and memory used when the program is run. The created program then collected to be tested automatically by the testing machine by a large number of test cases. If the program is made correctly according to test results, then the team will earn points.

After working on the overall problem given, then the points obtained by the team will be totaled and then rated. If resulted in deuce, then it sorted by total completion time required. Teams with faster time will be ranked higher. The Ainge ST team, based in Labtek V’s 3 Basic Laboratories, managed to get a perfect score on every given problem, just like the team that ranked first. The Ainge ST team only lost in the total time to solve the problem.

This extraordinary achievement was achieved through series of efforts. Almost every day Ainge ST teams practice programming on websites that provide algorithmic issues that can be used for training. Specifically every Saturday and Sunday for a minimum of 5 hours, Ainge ST team honed teamwork and team strategy to optimize their performance. In addition to practicing persistence, high flying hours in the Competitive Programming (CP) competition are also a source of strength for the Ainge ST team. Frequently following similar races both nationally and internationally, Ainge ST’s team is familiar and understands exactly what to do in a programming competition.

Tim Ainge ST always wanted to bring the name of Indonesia and ITB in the international arena. For them, everyone has their own ways and abilities. Whatever field is occupied, the key to success lies in hard work, focus and high dedication.

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