Lots of New Innovations at the EE Days 2019 Exhibition

ITB students, especially STEI, already know that Electrical Engineering Days (EE Days) is an annual event organized by the Electrical Engineering Undergraduate Study Program and the ITB Electrical Student Association (HME ITB). This is an exhibition of student final assignments filled with the latest technological innovations.

As in 2018, EE Days were held on the ITB Ganesha East Hall with. The event was held on 5-7 August 2019 with the theme “Experience The Revolution”. As the title of the theme, this EE Days event indeed feels thick with the atmosphere of innovation to welcome the 4.0 revolution.

There are around 28 titles of final projects and their prototypes on display at this event. The students who carried out each project also seemed enthusiastic in giving explanations to all visitors who came, both students and the public. Just like last year, visitors can choose their favorite final project prototype by placing special stickers on the students’ booths.

In addition to presenting the final project of electrical students, there are also invitations to industry and agencies to discuss, both to talk about the final project as preliminary research and to open opportunities for practical work. This is of course done to improve the quality of the EE Days program while opening the way for industry and ITB to collaborate.

There are so many discoveries at the EE Days exhibition that will be very beneficial for many people. For example, such as the RoboGrass project, which is a robot to eradicate wild plants that function automatically to take care of grass fields. Tools like this will certainly make it easier for people like field managers, the cost can be much cheaper.

Besides RoboGrass, here is a list of 27 final project projects on display:

  1. Locatim: a project to detect the number of people in a room.
  2. Fortoken: ATM security system uses the OTP (One Time Password) method.
  3. Aegys: a robot for mapping hazardous chemicals in contaminated fields.
  4. SPOS: MCB trip prevention stop plug.
  5. EVA System: a visualization system for machine operations.
  6. RI-VER: remote monitoring of river water quality.
  7. GaneshBlue: product from the Advanced Robotics Research Laboratory for surveillance missions.
  8. Robucor: robotic dust cleaning and leak detection at HVAC.
  9. Albatross: rotary wing drone with a propeller system of the future.
  10. Bedssys: 4 camera security system.
  11. VIDI: store traffic detection (traffic) system with a deep learning method.
  12. WeCare: body identification and body movement products for sports.
  13. CBDiag: a tool to provide car battery information.
  14. Ur-BOSS: a tool to see the blind spot from inside the car.
  15. BLEGS: a tool for partial paraplegia sufferers.
  16. MSL v4.0: soccer robot that can play automatically.
  17. MTDAS: a system to help mining truck drivers know the terrain.
  18. Alpenso: silent object detectors, trenches, trees and bars for blind people.
  19. SIP !: system for parking management, identifying vehicle numbers automatically.
  20. COSETRA: a color change-based titration detection tool.
  21. Nimby: an aquator that can perform biomimicry of animal foot movements.
  22. InCharge: electric car chargers in office areas.
  23. Awacles: semiconductor wafer washer.
  24. AssystDrive: detector to give a warning to sleepy drivers.
  25. Reldrom: an instrument for measuring the quality of the Runway Edge Light at the airport.
  26. HY-GENE: hybrid generator to increase the duration of flying wing rotary drones.
  27. SELFO: a self-ordering and payment tool for the canteen.