STEI in LPPM ITB Product and Innovation Exhibition

In order to enrich themselves with advanced universities at the international level, ITB as an educational institution continues to encourage activities and programs to solidify its position among universities in the world. One of them in the field of research, community service, and innovation.

Institute for Research and Community Service (LPPM-ITB) organizes Poster Exhibition and Product Research Program, Community Service and Innovation (P3MI-ITB) on Thursday – Friday (18-19 / 01/18) at West Hall for Exhibition Product and East Hall ITB for Poster Exhibition.

“In the field of research, ITB has a general target to become a world-class university that acts as a pioneer and the frontline in addressing the problems of the Indonesian Nation to improve the welfare and competitiveness of the Indonesian nation through works recognized and respected by the international community,” said Ir. R. Sugeng Joko Sarwono, MT., Ph.D, as the Secretary of Research Field of LPPM ITB.

Sugeng continued, in the field of community service, ITB always encourages community service activities in the form of services and / or cooperation with the community in accordance with the academic competence that is owned for the development of the nation and participate in empowering and promoting the community.

Products and posters displayed are the results of research from all faculties and schools in ITB through P3MI-ITB 2017 program previously named ITB Research Program. STEI participated in the event by presenting its research products.