Criticism Of The Negative Content Censorship by Government

Internet censorship

IT Practitioners and Information Security Expert ITB Budi Rahardjo criticized the government’s way of addressing negative content by blocking the site. According to Budi Rahardjo, the ways of blocking the site or from the upstream did not educate at all.

“In fact people may be going to do the encryption, even hard monitored or monitored. People would try to cover it, ” he said on Wednesday (3/1/2017).

In addition, it is very easy for a blocked site to switch or open another site. They just need to buy a new hosting or change the new internet protocol (IP) address.

“If the domain was blocked, they can always open a new domain again. Especially if they have a lot of money, ” he said.

He pointed out the blocking of gambling sites will be difficult because the velocity of money that could be very large. Site owners can easily open a new site. Not only that, according to Budi, the blocking of the site by scavenging (crawling) could be a dangerous tool for freedom of expression. Because without clear rules, the government may close any sites that are not in line with the policy. So the target is not just pornographic content or renewed radicalism and terrorism.

“Are we going to use iron fist to block the lid, just like China?” He asked.

According to him, the method would only possible and effective on a small scale. For example the school level, campus, or apartment environment. He pointed out: in ITB itself, there is a policy to block these content. In a smaller sphere it can be more manageable.

“In ITB there is a blockade system, the policy is thorough, so it is fine. More manageable, “said the lecturer at ITB’s School of Electrical and Informatics Engineering.

To cope with the flood of negative content it needs to be fought with as much positive content as possible on the internet. It becomes the duty of all internet users, not just the government. In addition, we also need to educate internet users related to the dangers of negative content.

“To put it simply, the internet isn’t only filled with negative contents and thefts. There are also many other good things, “he explained.

Furthermore, what needs to be clarified in the use of blocking system by Kemenkominfo is related mechanism. For example, the clarification of the content owner if it turns out to be wrong, including whether or not there is compensation if the error occurs. Accountability of the supervisory team behind the application should also be clarified.

“The SOP should be clear.” he concluded. (via jpnn/gob)