3 Informatics Engineering Students Win Second Place in Competitive Programming at Techphoria 2017

With unyielding effort to overcome boundaries, three students of ITB, Jehian Norman Saviero (Informatics/Computer Science 2015), Arno Alexander (Informatics/Computer Science 2015), and Pratamamia Agung (Informatics/Computer Science 2015), securing second place in Competitive Programming (CP) Competition at Technology Euphoria (Techphoria) 2017. The nationwide competition brings the theme of “Raising Smart Technology for Modern Era in Indonesia”, held by the Faculty of Computer Science, Sriwijaya University.

Overview of Competition

The Competitive Programming competition they face has slightly different rules than usual. The CP race at Techphoria 2017 is fairly fast compared to the CP competition in general – there are four computing and logic issues that need to be resolved within two hours. In addition, the applied points system is a partial point system, where each correct test case will be calculated.

In the first 30 minutes, Jehian, Arno, and Agung still have not solved any of the problems they face. Even so, they are not desperate, and keep trying to improve morale as well as team rankings. As a result, at the end of the competition they soared up and grab the second position.

The Struggle of Conquering Yourself

Of course, the victory is not the result of an effort for a matter of days. Jehian, Arno, and Agung make time for self-training on online judge sites on a regular basis, as well as studying algorithms and data structures in depth. With a lot of practice, their ability to program under pressure to find specific solutions over a period of time also increases.

Departure from interest with logic and mathematics, Jehian, Arno, and Agung walked slowly down the challenge for the challenge to victory. Before the victory they achieved now, there are many defeats that they pass. Starting from the bottom of their intention to leave for the final of Ideafuse 2016 in the absence of funds, to GEMASTIK 9 and Vocompfest 2017 where they did not even make it into the final round. However, they believe that their efforts will not be in vain, and ultimately their hard work pays off with the second winner of the Competitive Programming competition at Techphoria 2017.

Motivation for Struggle

Everyone has a special reason and motivation to work more, especially with the support of other parties. When by working, others around can be happier, of course it is also a motivation of its own. “I am small and too small for this ITB, but I hope my current achievement can motivate others to be better, so they are also motivated and can motivate others. And so on, so this cycle will never stop, “Jehian said as a representative of their team.

Holy Lovenia via itb.ac.id