On Friday, October 11, 2017, PT Siemens Indonesia officially handed over grant aid to STEI. The signing of grant handover is done at Faculty Lounge STEI, signed directly by the dean of STEI, Dr. Ir. Jaka Sembiring, M. Eng, and Gerald Quaas, Head of Business Unit of PT Siemens Indonesia.

Grants provided are server units, ten PC units, along with 2 software: PSS®E and PSS®SINCAL with 10 licenses respectively. PT Siemens also provides Onsite Introductory Training facility and Maintenance and Support.

PSS®E (Power System Planning & Data Management) and PSS®SINCAL (Integrated Power System Engineering Software) are software used by electrical engineering engineers to simulate electrical transmission networks. This software can help the process of analysis, simulation, and optimization.

Siemens, a German company established since 1847, is a multiconglomerate company that concentrates on industrial manufacturing products. One of the industries is products in the field of energy and electric power.

Hopefully this grant can be useful for STEI.