AOTULE 2017, Strengthening Cooperation of Engineering Education Institutions in Asia-Oceania

ITB held AOTULE Summer School Program 2017 , with STEI as the host. This year the event was being held for two weeks, starting from July 17, 2017 to July 29, 2017. This event was attended by ITB students and students from international campus who are members of AOTULE. The AOTULE participant is from 3 universities, namely Tokyo Institute of Technology, National Taiwan University, and KAIST. The number of participants is 12 people, with 5 participants from international campus and 7 participants from ITB.

This year, AOTULE has the theme “Internet Of Things”. Student participants get lectures and presentations from IoT experts and create projects for later presentation. In addition, participants also have the opportunity to do city tour, visiting tourist attractions and know Bandung as host city.

AOTULE began in 2007, as an association of thirteen leading technical education institutions in Asia and Oceania. AOTULE promotes inter-university cooperation through joint programs – such as conferences, dean meetings, student workshops, and student exchange. It is expected to improve the quality of technical education and research from member institutions.