Studium Generale (Prof. Hideaki Yoshino-Nippon Institute of Technoloy): QoE Assessment and Measurement in Communication Network

Prof. Hideaki Yoshino  form Nippon Institute of Technoloy (NIT). Three aspects about “Quality” in Japan and Global Organization of Telecommunication :

1. Critical Evaluation

2. High User Expectation

3. Regulation.

QoE (Quality of Experience) methods and tools are definetely needed. Domain to measure the QoE of IPTV :

1. Pre Transmition domain

2. Network domain

3. Post Transmition domain.

QoE measurement is necessary when :

1. Before service is developed

2. After service is developed

3. After service is delivered.

Standardization activities on QoE assesment by its :

1. Methode : Subjective assessment   Objective assessment

2. Media : Individual media

Three models of Objective Quality Assessment

1. Parametric Planning Model

2. Media Layer Model

3. Parametric Packet-Layer Model

Quality in Japan and global standardization :

1. Critical Evaluation in japan

2. High user expectation

3. Regulation : QoS and QoE requirement by law

QoE, the overall acceptability of application or services percieve subject by endure start from producer up to end user

QoE measurements of IPTU :

1. pre transmission

2. network

3. post transmission

Measurement of QoE time cousumis, expensive. Objective assessment with G.107 model, P1201, 61070 with benchmarking with P.863, J.341. Research topics in QoE :

1. Expand target services

2. expand assessment atributs

3. user

4. etc

5. design

6. input

7. control