WiSE-Health 2012 “Empowering awareness for a healthier future generation”

International Conference on Women’s Health in Science & Engineering

Bandung, 6-7 Desember 2012.WiSE-HEALTH 2012 is the first international conference which incorporates multidisciplinary aspects in Woman? health in Science and Engineering. With the mission “Empowering women’s health awareness for a stronger and smarter future generation”, the conference is basically aiming at encouraging knowledge improvement and initiating multidisciplinary research collaborations in the field of women?s health. This conference also highlights the two points in the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), Reduce Child Mortality and Improve Maternal Health, to be the main concerns in the discussion.

With the theme Trends in Women’s Health Science & Technology : Engineering, Medical, & Scientific Approaches, WiSE-HEALTH 2012 is organized to gather healthcare professionals, scientists, educators, students, public policy professionals, organizations and services, government, and industries in the field of engineering, medicine, and science to contribute to an international dialogue, share their knowledge and experiences in women?s health research topics in an interdisciplinary point of view.

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